Polly Plumb Productions and The City of Yachats presented Maria Muldaur and Her Red Hot Bluesiana Band on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016 at the Yachats Commons.  Maria Muldaur has been performing since the early 1960s. She began her career exploring and singing blues, bluegrass and Appalachian old-time music. She began recording under her maiden name, Maria D’Amato, with the Even Dozen Jug Band in 1963. She later toured and
recorded with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and she married musician, vocalist and Kweskin band member, Geoff Muldaur.

Maria Muldaur is best known world- wide for her 1974 mega-hit Midnight at the Oasis, which received several Grammy nominations. In the 42 years since Midnight at the Oasis, Maria has toured worldwide and recorded 40 albums.

Ross Altman from Folkworks reviewed one of Muldaur’s 2013 concerts describing the show as an electrifying, teasing, crowd pleasing, barrel-house bonanza of a set. “If James Brown had a younger sister I think I just saw her.”

Music critic Robert Christgau reviewed Muldaur’s Heart of Mine: Love Songs of Bob Dylan [Telarc, 2006] in an NPR interview with Melissa Block, stating that in 2006 she topped herself at age 63 with a new album of Bob Dylan love songs. “I’d like to swear that Heart of Mine is Maria

Muldaur’s best album, but that would imply that I know all the others when I can’t even count them. Solo, I get 26.” Christgau also proclaimed that Muldaur was “just about the only female folky of the 60s with a sense of humor. And Midnight at the Oasis, which was basically a fluke, is a perfectly worthy adult rock standard 30 years later.”…“With Muldaur, the difference isn’t just timing and worldly wisdom. Her voice has gained physical depth without losing its trademark compliancy. A pop connoisseur even as a kid in a jug band, Muldaur always brings savoir-faire to ‘folk’ materials. But she’s never sung with so much attention, delicacy and lyrical intelligence. She extracts meaning from songs a younger Dylan played as look-ma-June-spoon throwaways…”